What is Healthy Shelby County?

Healthy Shelby County is a coalition of persons throughout the county who are invested in improving the health of our residents.

Why do we need a Healthy Shelby County?

Shelby County has many health and wellness resources, including a nationally recognized health system, but still, as measured by many indicators, Shelby County’s residents are not healthy.  In 2012, Shelby County ranked 77th out of 92 Indiana counties in its overall health and 82nd in our health behaviors – behaviors that cause or contribute to chronic diseases.  The health of Shelby County’s residents cannot be the sole responsibility of any of our health providers, but rather it is a community problem and therefore, requires a community response.

Who is involved in Healthy Shelby County?

A broad group of persons throughout the county have been investing in Healthy Shelby County.   Representatives from businesses, health care, behavioral health, non-profits, wellness, schools, churches, social services, and interested citizens have been participating.

How can I get involved in Healthy Shelby County?

There are many opportunities for getting involved in Healthy Shelby County such as projects, events, support services, education, and leadership possibilities.  To discuss which opportunities interest you, please call Denise Holland, the coordinator at 317-398-5240 or email her at [email protected] .

What will I find on the Health Shelby County website?

One of the most important resources on the Healthy Shelby County website is data about the health of our county. There are also promising practices that have helped other communities improve their health.  But the health of a community is also about the health behaviors of its residents. So there are personal wellness resources such as tools to help people eat healthier on the run, or to work physical activity into a busy day, or to find needed community resources.  Know of a resource you don’t see on the website?  You can submit it for future inclusion!



Where does the health data about Shelby County come from?

Data comes from information that must be reported by hospitals, health departments, schools, and other community businesses and agencies.  Data also comes from the census.  Researches analyze this data.  The Healthy Communities Institute pulls data from several sources and lists them for each health and wellness indicator.  They automatically update the data when new facts and figures become available.

What does “age adjusted” mean on a health indicator?

Almost all diseases or health outcomes occur at different rates in different age groups. For example, a community made up of more families with young children will have a higher rate of bicycle injuries than a community with fewer young children. While a community with a larger number of older individuals will have higher rates of cancer, hospitalizations, and deaths than one with younger individuals.  Therefore, the age distribution of a community affects what the most common health problems will be.  Age adjustment is a statistical process applied to rates of disease, death, injuries or other health outcomes that allows communities with different age distributions to be fairly compared. For more information:  www.cdc.gov/nchs.

Why do we need information about health measures, health differences, and the Healthy People 2020 Goals? Aren’t they all saying the same thing?

The health of a community is complex, so to get the best picture, many different measurements are used. Shelby County could be doing well on a given health indicator and yet have a particular group that is not doing well.  By looking at both health measures and health differences or disparities, Shelby County can better determine if it is improving the health of all of its residents. Healthy People Goals are the federal government’s health goals for the nation.   Indiana also has health improvement goals:  Indiana State Health Improvement Plan (I-SHIP).  http://www.in.gov/isdh/files/Indiana_State_Health_Plan_FINAL_6_23_11.pdf .