Healthy Shelby County

Welcome to Healthy Shelby County!

Today, health care is not only a debate in the halls of government and a banner headline in the media, but it is also one of the largest expenses for our county’s businesses and our residents’ household budgets. However, health is not just something we purchase at the doctor’s office and the drug store. Health is about more than treating illness and disease. Health is about our wellness and the quality of our lives. Improving the health of Shelby County involves healthy lifestyle choices in our homes and work environments, in our schools, and in all the places that touch our lives in the community.

Healthy Shelby County knows that improving the health of our county is a step by step journey. We are excited knowing that the steps we are taking today are changing the quality of life for our residents, now and in the future. Our mission is to make the healthy choice the easy choice where we live, learn, work, and play.

As the Healthy Shelby County website evolves, we hope it will help you find the resources you need to improve your own and your family’s health and the health of our community.

We look forward to hearing your vision of a Healthy Shelby County and to learning how you would like to be involved in helping us realize our mission!

Denise N. Holland, Coordinator, Healthy Shelby County
[email protected]