Shelby County’s Health is Slipping

First AidShelby County is not healthy. Not compared to state and national benchmarks.  And not compared to the counties surrounding Marion County and those surrounding Shelby County.

Each year the University of Wisconsin in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation analyzes all the reportable data about health and the social determinants of health (such a education levels or unemployment numbers).  The analysis ranks each county in every state in the nation with regards to how well the county is doing with the overall health and wellness of its residents.  In the latest County Health Rankings published earlier this year, Shelby County fell for the 4th consecutive year in its Health Behaviors ranking – those choices we make that cause or complicate chronic diseases.  In 2010 we were ranked 74th out of 92 Indiana counties.  Now we are ranked 88th.
Compared to the counties around us, Shelby County has the worst ranking on every indicator with only a couple of exceptions.  Sobering and alarming.
Residents of Shelby County deserve a better quality of life. And it starts with the choices we make.  Healthy Shelby County envisions a community where all of our residents are active partners in pursuing a safe, healthy, and independent lifestyle.  Healthy Shelby County is working with our county’s great organizations, elected officials, schools, programs, churches and residents to make the healthy choice the easy choice where we live, learn, work, and play.  One of the great yoga masters said, “When I becomes we, even illness becomes wellness.”  And so it is with our health and quality of life in Shelby County.  The Healthy Shelby County website offers lots of resources for taking the next step towards improving your wellness!
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