Online Scavenger Hunt!

The week 5 Kenko challenge involves an online scavenger hunt. This will accomplish two objectives. First it will get you familiar with this exciting new resource. Secondly, it will give you valuable information about your own health and wellness.

The solutions to the scavenger hunt items will be found all over the Healthy Shelby County website. You may have to follow a link to complete some fo the challenges however. (hint, there is a handy little search tool at the top of the RH column if you can’t find the item)

You do not have to be participating in the Kenko Challenge to benefit from this Scavenger Hunt however, so please, play along and most of all, learn what is available on this website for your Health and Wellness.



In order to complete the scavenger hunt, please complete the following challenges. You’ll receive 100 points for completing each challenge during the week listed below. Good luck!


  1. (WEEK 5) – Find the Body Mass Calculator and calculate your BMI.
  2. (WEEK 5) – Find the Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator and calculate your BMR!
  3. (WEEK 5) – Find the Fruit and Vegetable Calculator and calculate how many servings of fruits and vegetables you personally need everyday!
  4. (WEEK 6) – Take the “Eating on the Go” quiz, and learn how many pounds you are likely to gain over the course of a year if you purchase and consume food outside of the home 4 times a week.
  5. (WEEK 6) – Go to the “Health and Wellness Resources” tab and review the Shelby County Health and Wellness Services graph and the Shelby County Behavioral Health resources graph.
  6. (WEEK 6) – Find “MyHealthFinder”, and name 3 prevention recommendations for someone of your age and gender.
  7. (WEEK 7) – Find the Shelby County Community Dashboard and review Shelby County’s health status on all the indicators. Find the Healthy People 2020 Tracker and see how Shelby County is doing. Want to compare Shelby County to the donut counties? Click on “Report Assistant” and then on “Indicator Comparison Report”. Type in an indicator you’d like to compare, like obesity. Follow the directions and voila! You’ll have a comparison report!
  8. (WEEK 8) – Watch “Health Reform Hits Main Street”.
  9. (WEEK 9) – After you complete your Health Risk Assessment (or find the results from the one you did in the last 12 months), find the website for the American Heart
    Association. On the home page, scroll down and click on “My Life Check”. Take the Life’s Simple 7 Assessment and find out the state of your heart. Save or print your results and action plan!

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