New Community Gardens

The Horizon Center of Shelby Senior Services has 3 new raised-bed gardens in partnership with Triton FFA, Shelby County Purdue Extension Service, and Healthy Shelby County!  The gardens will not only provide fresh fruits and vegetables for seniors, but they are accessible for persons with mobility challenges.  A raised-bed garden is also being placed at Shares, Inc.  Shares has a traditional garden, but it is not accessible for all of their consumers.

A growing body of research emphasizes the importance of fruits and vegetables for good health.  It also underscores that most people need to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables they eat every day.  Community gardens are a way that many communities are improving access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  However, traditional gardening is not accessible because it requires kneeling, reaching, and bending that are not possible or difficult at best for someone with mobility challenges like arthritis or using a walker or wheelchair.

Community gardens not only increase fresh fruit and vegetable consumption, but also provide opportunities for socializing.  Social support is an important aspect of wellness, especially for older persons and those with disabilities.  

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