Kenko Challenge – Week 1

Welcome to the Kenko Challenge weekly Kenko-a-gram.  You will receive a Kenko-a-gram email weekly throughout the duration of the Challenge.  As we continue through the Kenko Challenge these emails will provide you with  important updates, wellness tips, healthy recipes, stories from participants and much more information.
Be sure to LIKE the Kenko Challenge on Facebook by going to  This is a great way to not only keep an eye on the competition but share fun ideas on creating a healthier workplace.  Encourage co-workers, friends, and family to follow the Kenko Challenge as well so that they can keep up with what is going on.
The Kenko Challenge is focused on creating healthy changes in behaviors and the workplace in a fun and engaging way.  So as you go through the challenge be as fun and creative as possible.  Use the challenges as a baseline but feel free to come up with your own workplace wellness challenges.  Feel free to post pictures or videos of you and your team as you get fit and have fun.  Submit your favorite healthy recipes to the Kenko Challenge Facebook page.
Don’t forget to log in each week and select the challenges you have completed by Monday at 11:00pm.  If points are not logged by this time they will NOT be able to be added to your account.
Each week when you log in to your Kenko account you will be given challenges at both the individual and team level.  Try accomplishing as many of the individual challenges as you are able to throughout the week.  For the team challenges, have your team leader login and see what weekly challenges your company can complete.  Good luck and the let the games begin!Challenge Spotlight
In week one you’ll find some easy ways to score some major points.

  • Fill out the Kenko Challenge Initial Participant Assessment for a quick 1,000 points!  This is one of the few challenges that is mandatory to complete, but it’s also an easy way to score some major points. 
  • Have your team leader fill out the Kenko Challenge Company Assessment and score an additional 1,000 points for your team total.  This is also one of the few challenges that is mandatory to complete, but it’s also an easy way for your team to score some points. 
Wellness Tip of the Week
No matter what time of the year, you should always make sure to take proper precautions when heading outdoors for some fun in the sun.  While sunshine has it’s advantages, over exposure can have life altering effects.  Always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and reapply sunscreen often.  Avoiding peak times when UV rays are at their worst, such as 10:00am to 4:00pm is also a good idea.  For more helpful hints on sun safety look for our Kenko Sun Safety Tutorial Challenge coming in the following weeks.
Tasty Recipes – PEACH CRUMBLE
Looking for a warm healthy dessert to help keep away the cold?  Try this peach crumble.  To view this recipe click here.



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