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Shelby County is fortunate to have access to a community health assessment tool provided by the Community Health Network.  The tool includes over 100 nationally recognized measurements rating the overall health status of Shelby County , Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Howard, Johnson, Marion, and Morgan County residents. The data is compiled from governmental and non-governmental agencies and is automatically updated as the most recent data becomes available . ( )

The assessment is divided into categories that are based on the social factors of health, including economy, education, environment, government and politics, public safety, social environment, and transportation. Each indicator is scientifically rated and accompanied by a colored gauge, with a needle showing how well Shelby County is doing compared to other counties nationally.

Healthy People 2020 goals are standards of health and wellness established by the Centers for Disease control.  Shelby County’s rating on these national goals is also available .

▶ Shelby County Community Dashboard

This dashboard measures health indicators including Access to Health Services; Cancer; County Health Rankings;  Diabetes; Disabilities; Exercise; Nutrition & Weight; Family Planning; Food Safety; Heart Disease & Stroke; Immunizations & Infectious Diseases; Maternal, Fetal, & Infant Health; Mental Health & Mental Disorders; Older Adults Aging; Prevention & Safety; Respiratory Diseases; Substance Abuse; Wellness & Lifestyle.

What does ‘age-adjusted’ mean on a health indicator?

Almost all diseases or health outcomes occur at different rates in different age groups. For example, a community made up of more families with young children will have a higher rate of bicycle injuries than a community with fewer young children. While a community with a larger number of older individuals will have higher rates of cancer, hospitalizations, and deaths than one with younger individuals.  Therefore, the age distribution of a community affects what the most common health problems will be.  Age adjustment is a statistical process applied to rates of disease, death, injuries or other health outcomes that allows communities with different age distributions to be fairly compared. For more information:

▶ Shelby County Disparities Dashboard

The health disparities dashboard looks at health differences among gender, ages, and race for Cancer, Diabetes, Disabilities; Family Planning; Heart Disease & Stroke; Immunizations & Infectious Diseases; Maternal, Fetal & Infant Health; Respiratory Diseases; Substance Abuse.   

Why is it important for Shelby County to look at both its health indicators and health disparities?

Shelby County could be doing well on a given health indicator and yet have a particular population group that is not doing well.  By looking at both health indicators and health differences, Shelby County can better determine if it is improving the health of all of its residents.

▶ Shelby County – Healthy People 2020 Tracker

The Healthy People initiative provides a prevention framework for communities in the U.S.   Healthy People 2020 is a comprehensive set of key disease prevention and health promotion goals. The health objectives and targets allow communities like Shelby County to evaluate their health status and to develop plans for improving the county’s health.

▶ Shelby County – Demographics   

View characteristics of Shelby County’s population and those of several other Indiana counties.

▶ Promising Practices

The Promising Practices database provides information on successful efforts to create positive change. These proven practices may help Shelby County in planning how to improve our community’s health.

▶ Report Center

View reports and documents related to health and wellness in our community.  Currently there are no reports to view.

▶ Report Assistant

Use this tool to quickly pull together related content, such as health indicators or promising practices, based on keyword topics. The results can be saved as a PDF, emailed, or printed and incorporated into a report. For example, to find content related to obesity, type the keyword ‘obesity’ in the search box.  Then, select the county of interest and click ‘search’ .  If you’d prefer to compare indicators across multiple counties, you can create an Indicator Comparison Report.  Click on “Indicator Comparison Report” in the text at the top of the page of the Report Assistant page.

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America’s Health Rankings Senior Report

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to improve senior health. The report shows that Americans are living
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more than 50 percent between 2015 and 2030, making senior health a
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The report assesses Indiana’s performance in 34 different areas, both
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