“Bite Into” a Healthy Lifestyle

There are two very basic components to a healthy lifestyle – what you eat and what you do.

  • Make SMART choices!
  • Eat and drink fewer calories
  • Exercise regularly!

Making smart choices and eating and drinking fewer calories is all about being informed about what foods you put in your body.  Learning how to read a food label and what to look at first is essential in making the right choices.

  1. Look at serving size, servings per container and calories.
  2. Limit fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol and sodium.
    • Look for foods that have <5% of these components
  3. Get enough fiber and important nutrients.
    • Eating enough fiber and vitamins/minerals can improve your health and help reduce your risk of some diseases.

Exercising regularly helps reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases, like diabetes and heart disease. Exercise also helps you sleep better! Aim for getting some sort of physical activity daily!

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