Advisory Kickoff!

On February 21st, Healthy Shelby County held a Kickoff Event to inaugurate and educate the new Advisory Board Members that we have been working to bring on board. In order to have the greatest reach and community buy-in, it is important to have input from a wide segment of the community. The HSC team has been working hard to identify stake holders from a wide cross section of the community including people from healthcare, education, government, social services, business, and the general population. The desire is for these people to help identify advise on important initiatives and to then help communicate those to the community at large.

The Kickoff Event was designed to bring the stake holders up to speed on what has been happening so far, to energize them on the possibilities of a health focused community, and to thank them for being willing to participate.  The chosen speaker was Joey Vrazel PhD, MA, of Leverage Points Consulting who is well versed and well involved in Community Health Initiatives in Indiana. She has been instrumental in the process in Southwestern Indiana who received the highly competitive Community Transformation Grant awarded by the CDC. She is an informative and dynamic speaker who had earlier spoken to the HSC action team to help educate and inform us and was very well received by all.

Two videos are presented below. The first is an interview of various members of the Healthy Shelby County action team talking about what they have done differently as a result of hearing from Joey and becoming involved in Healthy Shelby County.

The second video is the full length presentation from the Advisory Kickoff Event. It is very insightful and informative. Please take time to check out both videos.

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